CAGE The main components of our cage system are galvanized sheet and wire materials. The construction of our cages and the galvanized sheets and wires used in the cage compartments have ISO 9001 certificate and the surface coatings of the sheets and wires used have high standards. The cage system is designed in a way that the cage shall not get affected from the ground movements. There is one cage leg in every 60 cm and these legs are strengthened with the shoes placed under these legs. Therefore, the system with maximum strength can be mounted up to 8 floors without a platform and up to 12 floors with a platform without having a problem. CAGE COMPARTMENTS The cage compartments are designed in two dimensions which are of 600 X 500 and 600 X 600 mm. the side walls are made of galvanized sheet or wire. Thanks to the suitably inclined bottom wires, the eggs easily reach the egg canal and the rate of breaks and dirt that may occur on the eggs are reduced to minimum levels. FEEDING SYSTEM The feeding system with carriage is full-automatic and made of galvanized sheet. Thanks to the specially designed feed distribution apparatuses, the feed is distributed hygienically, homogenously and equally. The losses of feed are decreased to minimum amounts. Thanks to 4-level adjustment, the feed can be distributed in the desired level. The feed is preserved in the silos having a conic bottom and 6 legs placed out of the cages. The feed in the carriage feeding system is distributed automatically to the food carriages by means of spirals that go through the pipes of 125 mm in silos. When the feed buckets are full, capacitive sensors automatically stop the system. The food buckets on both sides of the cages move in periods defined before on a line and distributes feed to the feeders. The feeders are specially designed for equally distributing the food to each floor of the bird cage and preventing the feed spillage out of the feeder. By using this system, waste of feed is minimized and the animals are offered fresh feeds. In addition, it is not possible for the bird to pick out the feed thus the birds consume all of the feed distributed. WATERING SYSTEM There are two nipples for two compartments over the PVC pipes going in front of the cage from one end to the other between the cages and the drip-holder in the shape of “V” under the watering pipes. When the birds touch the metal parts on the edge of the red-colored nipple, automatic water flow is enabled. The abundant water flowing from the nipples drops to the drip-holder in the shape of “V” under the watering pipes. Therefore, the spilling drips do not reach and wet the manure belt. In each floor and raw, there is a water reservoir. The water coming from the water supply is sent to the watering pipes under the optimum pressure by means of water reservoirs. MANURE BELT SYSTEM By means of imported manure belt movement engines with 1 HP reducer and 1 mm Polypropylene (PP) manure belts, which provide for perfect cleaning of the manure and it is placed in every cage line and under all floors and it extends along the cage, the manure is swept and cleaned. This strong and rigid structure operates without a problem even in the very long cages. By means of the cylinders and scrapers on every floor, the manure is transferred to the disposal conveyor at the end of the cage and it is taken out of the cage from here to the vertical manure disposal conveyor. Manure disposal conveyors are composed of rubber bands of 6 mm with cord fabric operating on fixed pipes and construction made of galvanized sheet and back and front cylinders and an engine with reducer of 1.5 HP. There is a protective cover on the back of the cage that is used to properly transfer the manure to the conveyor and prevent the spillage of manure and dirt. AUTOMATIC EGG COLLECTION SYSTEM There is a lift system that reaches every floor by means of moving upwards and downwards. The automatic egg collection system is manufactured from galvanized sheet and wire materials by GÜRES TECHNOLOGY. The egg conveyor is manufactured from aluminum frame by GÜRES TECHNOLOGY and is equipped with electrostatic-plastic coated furnace, dyed chain and bar and a lift having a reducer. The imported egg belts transfer the eggs and the connectors are made of plastic. The imported fabric belts are antistatic and they do not maintain dust on them. The imported egg belts that extend along cages and make a turn are moved with the egg collecting heads. Fabric belts and the bottom wire are designed so as not to allow for the knocking of the eggs against each other. By means of the upwards and downwards movement of the lift-conveyor system, the eggs on each floor are transferred from the egg belts to the egg carriage conveyor. There are plastic inter-space components placed on passages in order to prevent the eggs from being damaged while they are transferred to the conveyor from the fabric belts. Since it is possible for the system to turn 90 degrees + 90 degrees of curve, the eggs are prevented from breaks without the need of any transfer and they can be suitable mounted to the egg collection and classification machines. There are special brushes placed at the end of each row in order to keep the egg belts clean. The conveyor engine is 0.75 HP, fabric belt engine is 0.75 and the lift engine is 0,75 HP.