Luncheon ( cold meat ) preparation & production line by DFMAK Group by the help of Leader companies of manufacturing meat preparation equipment's which are specialized in producing this lines , since the Livestock in the Arab  World are considered the main sources because of the wide spaces for the pastures, to get use of the meat & its Derivatives and to transform it to various products that fulfill the tastes and the market needs , we seek to develop our experience and researches within this important and promising foodstuff field .

Regarding the Luncheon meat , at the beginning the meat will be separated from the bone mechanically to be transformed to paste, the meat ( mixture of different meet ) will be pressed inside mincing machine which passes the meat within Metal Refinery for the purpose of separating the meat from bone . Spices or dried vegetables will be added to the mixture to have different flavors.

The line consist of two main parts \

The part of mincing & mixing and processing.

The part of filling & Sterilization and cooking.

The group shall provide special cans – Easy-Open Ends.  - for filling the foodstuff materials & meat with high specifications and different sizes and according to the need whether printed or non-printed with different quantities for the client .