DFMAK Group Is considered the unique company for more than twenty years

DFMAK Group is considered the unique company for more than twenty years for all the services it provides which are of high remarkable level in the field of food industries by focusing on different sides regarding  engineering & technical and service matters .

 Also the respect and the trust of the companies with which its deals and those represented by the group , all these things give us the pride and the motive to push us to make more development & progress and to give more services in order to maintain this precious trust and credibility .

Below is a summary about the services and advantages provided by the group :

management & construction and execution of  industrial & agricultural and livestock projects .

providing consultations and technical support for these sectors .

Supplying of all production lines requirements, supplying of raw materials sources that are complementary to such liens from the largest supplying companies .

Involvement of the modern technology in the food and agricultural industries sectors .

procurement of high competent technical & engineering and administrative experts , Training of human cadres to be competent and well trained .

Carrying out all works of maintenance , periodical following up around 24 hours .

Project Feasibility study, providing the suitable solutions .

We seek to provide and facilitate all ideal circumstances to achieve the optimal level of competency to develop the business of our clients through our local & international services offices and branches . You can communicate and contact us to know the details and method of our business on our contact details .