Quality Management

DFMAK Group depends on international standards of administrative and engineering systems which are applied carefully and systematically to improve the group performance and to maintain the continuity of the development and progress by finding the most suitable methods to execute the system and to achieve highest levels of the clients satisfaction .

 The quality management system is applied and maintained at our side for continuous improvement of our system main performance in our all activities with achieving the final aim represented in achieving ISO Certificate on our activities  .

 The quality management system at our sectors and projects to ensure the sound execution the thing that makes strong link and bond between system development and projects execution .

We are concerned with quality assurance , to develop the system of the group management , to enforce such aim by the precise execution of business management systems , and to measure the reaction of our performance .

 DFMAK Group commits to develop & manufacture  and supply services and solutions to its clients . We always seek quality continuous improvement and to apply this policy to fulfill the expectations of our clients and the international organizational requirements .