DFMAK Group is considered one of the most advanced companies during the previous period, since it developed along the years to become a specialized company with the agricultural & livestock & service and industrial projects .

The group represents the greatest specialized companies to supply and equip industrial production lines for different food and agricultural & livestock and industrial industries with the best of foodstuff production lines & filling machines and thermoform packing in addition to the department of Poultry equipment cages from the most famous international companies .

As result of the wide experience which we acquire since our start , today we are considered the pioneers in the field of establishment and development of factories with their different kinds specifically the foodstuff ones through submitting technical consultations, training and education of human cadres, supplying of manufacturing requirements including machines, latest techniques of machines & lines & raw materials of foodstuff manufacturing and factories equipment .

The companies which we represent :

FARAH Company ; which is specialized in developing  the systems of production, procurement of specialized human cadres for different industries in Syrian and the middle East .

TUTKUN MAKINA Company to manufacture machines and lines of olive production and preparation .

TEKNOPAK Company for the industry of packing and filling machines in all their types and for different products .

GURES group for poultry equipment .

AYTAV Company for ground poultry houses equipment  .

OSMANLI MAKINA Company for canned food machniary and confectionary production lines .

Also the group represents many foreign companies which deals with different food & chemical and agricultural specializations .