DFMAK Group presents new world in filling and packing by latest models and techniques of food production machines and lines , made by TEKNOPAK factories the Turkish company which is specialized with thermoforming machines , TEKNOPAK could gain the first position among the companies of packing machines industry since 1993 , we keep up our machines production with the latest technological systems and modern creative designs. 

By the high quality of its products, TEKNOPAK Company is considered among the most famous trademarks in the world of the industry of packing machines.

The machine is used mainly to pack and fill different kinds of fluid and solid foodstuff according to the filling needs.

The machine is used to fill and pack vegetables & fruits & olive and different kinds of pickles and to conserve fruit, to fill chocolate, cheese, yogurt, meat, with all types and sizes of cans it's complete automatic system to fill foodstuff within special plastic secured and sealed cans. It is the optimal solution for all stages of filling & covering and cutting for the products which shall be performed consequently and regularly .

The system is divided to five departments which are in sequence : warming, raising the roll heating, forming, filling, covering and cutting.


•The products that are fit for this machines are: confectionaries, honey, butter, cheese cream, olive, Halva, Tomato Molasses, powder products, and other products.

• Production capacity: 20/25 stroke per minute.

•The body of the machine is completely made of stainless steel.