Shrink Packing Machines

The process of packing is considered very biological and important in the field of food industries to elongate the time duration of storage and to achieve flexibility in transportation and assembling packing in addition to increase the marketing chances of the product and generally it is considered the safety factor ( product protection ) ,

DFMAK group presents many systems of different packing systems which include low cost economical systems of high quality so they reach to the level of integrated systems of high productivity, also we have great group of packing machines of shrinking with  peer advantages in the field of the industry thermal packing machines, we have the ability to fulfill the special demands which are fit for the needs and the requirements of the client. Our wide experience in the packing machines and their materials makes us trust their high quality and consequently get the intended result of packing.

• High efficiency.

•Machine is equipped with electronic control panel, packages can be entered automatically or manually to the packing machine.

•Conveyor designed specially to stand the high temperature and high weights.

•Oven temperature degree control, cutting blades temperature degree control, different sizes & volumes and dimensions according to the request .