Metal Cans Seaming Machine

Canning is a mean to conserve food which will be prepared and it is tightly sealed, the materials canning shall be made either in glass or metal or carton containers, the metal cans or those made of tin are considered the best materials to conserve product as much long period as possible , the secret in success in the tin can to conserve food is that it is sealed tightly which shall be protected from external air effects .

 DFMAK Group provides many machines to seal metal cans of multiple heads, automatic and semi automatic, in all their shapes and kinds such those provided with vacuum ( air vacuum ) or without it, those which tap the covers for all shapes and sizes including polygonal & roller shapes and polishing bottles, oil boxes, small & middle and large food cans which are fit for all needs.

We can provide the raw material & cans and covers printed or non printed from well-known specialized companies with different shapes and volumes for all food & industrial and chemical uses .