Barcode Printing Machine

Dfmak group presents various and different types and models for printers with the modern develop PISO system since it does not need ink dissolvent , it is fit for food & pharmaceutical and chemical industries sectors , practical and economical printing , this machine prints date of production & expiry and specifications on the products ( expiry, price, weight, lot number, specification ) ( various options to print forms and kinds of Arabic and English letters, it is of economical price and of economical daily use, the body of the machine is made of stainless steel, the possibility of thickening of the letter till nine levels with seven patterns and fonts with various sizes & various shapes & heights and width of the letters intended to be printed, Reverse or continuous printing with counter for the product , continuous updating to the hour , date , availability of the possibility to print and produce logo & photo & barcode directly from the unit.

Easy use and installation on the production line .Product sensing by colored photo-sensor or shaft in code or time counter, the length of printing head cable is either 2 or 3 m. according to the need , the machine has the possibility to install many printing heads from 1 to 5  printing heads on the same printer and same program for economical purpose and according to the production lines in the factories, availability of various colors of ink ranging from blue to red, ink fit for printing on food or pharmaceutical product and egg .