Automatic Labeling Machine

This automatic machine is used with round or flat bottles to adhere the information label of the bottle on the two sides of it within its round or rectangular shapes in the plastic or glass or metal bottles, the machine shall feed the bottle then adhere the label (the trademark) , the process is done in complete synchronization with the bottle movement and sticker movement. The machine is fit to be applied in many industries such as fields of pharmaceutical components & chemicals also food industries and other, the machine can be easily operated and the synchronization of stickers affixing with the package movement is regular and conformable since the speed and sticker height can be controlled according to the volume & quantity and size of the bottles, the machine can work with different kinds of stickers which fulfills decrease in production costs, the machine can be used separately or jointly with the rest of the line.

The production capacity depends on the package dimensions, its size and the kind of the stickers, there are different capacities according to the need.

All electrical and pneumatic spares in the machine are made of best International European or Japanese Brands .

The machine works by linear engine with control screen PLC, bottles adjustment, upper conveyer line to fix the bottles, complexes for empty stickers.