Auto Sleeve Labeling Machine

The substitute of the normal Shrinking machines and the latest technique in labeling world  is the shrinking (sleeve)  labeling  machine, this system allows to use one packing material of low cost, also two rolls can be used (two packing rolls)  at the same time to shape coherent fabric surrounding the product that is intended to be packed, in contrary to the normal sticker machine which productivity is greatly less than shrinking machine and the empty space for the bottles is larger which shows defects, as a less advertising material , it shall be limited with certain designs, the packing shall be by sleeve shrinking since it takes all the shape of the product and surrounds it, no matter how much the design was complicated, the packing material shall take the shape of the bottle and consequently we can benefit the total space of the product to show the product in its best advertising shape , the machine is fit for total industries and in all industrial & pharmaceutical & food and chemical fields , etc…. , the machine can be used separately or jointly with the rest of the line, the production capacity is according to the request of the client, wide range in the dimension of required dimensions (sizes) .

Strong packing with tearing strength, Speed and easiness in the process of sizes change ( molds change, all electrical and pneumatic spares in the machine are of best European or Japanese brands, control system  PLC ).