Volumetric System Filling & Packaging Machine

The filling volumetric system is used for the materials that are preferred to be measured and filled according to their volume, the filling set consists of telescopic cups adjustable to change different weights according to the volume that is intended to be filled and the type of the material.

The cups are equipped with portals for fillings , so the materials shall be carried inside cups to avoid the contact between materials on tray while rotating to avoid materials spilling .

•It is equipped with automatic control system  to give orders.

• Control system operates by touch screen.

• All parts contacting the material are made of stainless steel 304.

• Adjustable cups.

• Machine can receive all kinds of regular thermal paper.

•The production capacity is as required & according to the filled materials and type of the used bag.

•All parts of the machine ; valves ; pistons… are made of European brands which bear the trade Mark CE.

• Bag shape is welded from three or four sides according to the model.

•Gearbox and engines are made of European brands.

 •Invertors to control speeds,tank for filling in different volumes according to the required capacity, line hovers, feeding conveyer line equipped with commanding power engine.

•All electrical spares are of European Made .