Packing and Capping Machine

This machine is used to fill different types and shapes of plastic cups filled with food fluids such as juice, water , yogurt milk, or semi- liquid and sticky foodstuff  such as cheese, yogurt, cream, honey, confectionery, etc….. , many cups or boxes are filled in one movment strike, that increases production and simplifies the process of operation , the cover will be cut according to the size of packages since this machine is of multi-functions, it is a filling and sealing machine in the same time, it is a complete production line including filling, sealing, cover cutting, code and data printing, date of production, the machine can by the support of the pushing piston , up thrust, which separates pots from each other then it takes them to each specified hole one by one by the help of rubber from the bottom side , the machine rotates the tray carrying the cups and it shall passes different stages of the process, the filling pumps shall be operated in conformity with the photocells sensors , so the filling shall not be completed if the cup is not sensed, the filling process shall be continued till the completion of the specified weight, after that the machine shall cover the cup and weld the cover on it, finally the date of production & technical specifications shall be printed.

The production capacity shall be according the type and capacity of the filled material and the number of molds .

•The filling speed can be controlled by control panel, power control shall be made by (PLC).

• Machine fulfills all quality European specifications (CE).

•Machine is made of stainless which is fit for all healthy and food industries.

• All power equipment in the machine comply with Safety European Requirements (CE).

•Shape of the mold which is intended to be filled shall be selected and designed according to the size of the cups & the filling volume and customer choice.

•There is a closed cabin for protection and to keep safety and fit food sphere for production supplied with protections for alert, the machine can be easily operated with fast production.