AUTOMATIC STICK PACK FILLING MACHINE for granular or fluid materials

These machines produce stick packets which are in the shapes of fingers that are used at restaurants, hotels and etc… , all process are made automatically starting from bag shaping , Quantification of the quantity intended to be filled, welding, shearing, printing, automatic counting, the machine is equipped with filling heads according to the required capacity which operate together in the same time to get high production capacity , in the same time this machine provides is economical in space and laboring, since one worker can operate the machine.

• Stick packets are welded from the upper and bottom side, back linear welding , the shape of the stick is of pad finger by three sides .

• Production capacity according to the number of the heads and type of materials.

• vertical or horizontal filling & packing for one by one piece or number of the pieces, speed of filling is adjustable.

• Slicing device is according to the request.

• Rate of noise is less than other machine.

• Electrical control is made by PC.                        

•Machine fulfills European quality standards .

•Machine is made of stainless steel suitable for food industries .

•Filling quantity and dimensions of the bag can be controlled easily.

•All electrical equipment in the machine are conformable with the European Safety standards CE.