Automatic Linear Liquid Filling Machine

Modern techniques to fill different materials in all shapes and volumes of bottles, various models, speeds and volumes, the machines are available with the option of automatic or semi-automatic or manual operation.

This machine is designed to fill fluids and sticky materials with high filling speed and precision in weight and very distinctive performance .

The machine  is equipped with filling heads positioned on conveyor so the bottles are on the conveyor and the machine shall start counting and filling , it has automatic

conveying line on which the bottles are placed to be carried to the place where the filling head is positioned since there is sensor which gives an order to the filling head to fill according to the specified volume then to close and collect the bottles on the rotaries assembling tray. 

• All parts contact with product are made of chrome 304 .

• Electrical parts in the machine are of European origin.

• PLC  Programming Logic Control system to control the operation of the machine.

• Equipped with invertors to control the speed of the Machine.

• Hydraulic filling system with electronic identifying roller , in addition to electrical valves for the process of closing to avoid spills.

•Rotating collecting tray at the beginning and at the end.

•Filling mechanism starts from the bottom to the upper direction automatically.

•Machine productivity matches with the quantity and viscosity of the fluid intended  to be filled and the number of filling heads.

• The machine can accept glass and plastic bottles according to the request, automatic inspection to the bottles , if they are empty or not existent , the feeding shall stop till solving the problem, it can be equipped with fluid filter, also UV-sterilization device for the bottles.

•Easy adjustment of the bottle height and the diameter , i.e. it is fit for different heights and various diameters, the machine is equipped with provision tank for materials , the machine is equipped with the necessary protections and manufactured according to international quality systems , the possibility to add automatic sealing device and stripper with beater .