Mediterranean Sea countries are famous for olive planting with great production quantity which need special equipment and machines for the process of the raw product to get the final product.

Since its beginning, DFMAK Group was interested with the license of olive preparation & sorting & processing with cooperation with most specialized Turkish companies with this field which is Tutkun makina to manufacture lines and machines of olive production and preparation .

The Process of olive processing is divided into three stages :

• First \ process of olive receiving & storage and storing in special tanks .

• Second \ sorting by size, punching, cutting, storing in cans .

• Third \The process of different kinds of Olive Filling in different forms of filling and Sterilization .

The machines are designed according to olive kind, scientific and food consultations are provided regarding process of olive stuffing and pickling in the applied methods , supervision on the final product is supervised within the services provided by the group to its clients son that it shall be always with continuous contact with them to fulfill their complete satisfaction .