The industry of dairy and Milk is characterized by the diversity of its products , it is classified among the largest foodstuff industries. The Milk factory may contain more than one production line and possibly it may contain all production lines starting from reception milk and its processing till the stage of its derivatives such as cheese, butter, etc….., consequently DFMAK Group presents the optimum solution for the machines and equipment designing which fulfill the required terms for such industry including cleaning, pasteurization , operation by cooperation with the largest companies specialized in manufacturing dairy and cheese products equipment, the process of this industry contains two basic matters which are \

Receiveing the milk & manufacture it in order to prolong its lifetime & to store it by thermal treatment , filtration & Homogenization then Pasteurization and filling.

The industry of milk products including Yogurt, white cheese and others , through Fermentation & cooking & Mixing & Processing & Collection tanks them filling and packing .