Potato is ranked as the third important rank after grain and rice , the light foodstuff products or appetizers are considered the most consumable products in the world.

DFMAK Group presents integrated systems depend on international techniques by engineering amendments which conform to many needs of lines of Potato Chips and Chips of different shapes , which produce potato of high quality with less consumption of power and oil .

This line contains unit of peeling & washing & chopping & whitening then line of drying & frying & flavoring and filling with equipment of conveyors and crane . As for the pallet or corn products for different appetizers,  mixer & Extruder and forming of granules shall be added. The subsequent services including installation & operation of lines , training of management and operation cadres will be added & supplying of spares, supplying of packing requirements are the concerns of the consumer and those are our commitments towards the clients that thing that make us the trust of all .