The automatic and semi-automatic slaughterhouse for poultries which are manufactured according to the international standards upon which the modern standard regulations are applied , are featured by their high quality and their competitive prices , we equipped and installed slaughters equipment with different capacities and in integral and comprehensive way including water processing unit , treatment of slaughters residues and wastes in addition to the chambers of cooling and stunning and all accessories related. Currently we are manufacturing slaughters with capacities starting from 1000 bird per hour till 6000 bird per hour specifically for poultries .

We are able to manufacture special equipment according to the requirements , we guarantee installation and testing . Our fame  in addition to the local sales , the company executed important projects in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Africa & Sudan & Jordan and other countries on wide range , our products and lines gained the trust and satisfaction of the users .

Our goal is always to seek to permanent development , to raise production level , continuous interest in high quality for our products and after sale service which enriches our credibility and extends our achievements and our brands .