DFMAK Group establishes animal feed plant with different production capacities with the cooperation of the biggest manufacturer feed mill equipment's in the world which are awarded ISO 9001 Quality Certificates and a will known brand name in Asia, Certificate of Export Legalization to the European Market , we exports to more than 60 countries around the world. Control of the plant will be made by computer system which the latest technology that ever known in the world , we prepare the feed silos whether those made of concrete or metal ones for the raw materials to store them in healthy method . Group of elite engineers and technicians of high expertise and skilled trained workers shall supervise works of manufacturing and installation . The company shall execute projects of poultry and animals feed and feed of aquatic products and special aquatic products, feed of pet , condensed feed, compound fertilizers , feed of biological enzymes. The produced feed are of high output and high quality with excellent food specifications  as result of interest to develop technology of job and manufacturing at our side the thing that reflects positively on the satisfaction of the client and products quality , we seek to provide al our potentials to contribute in the development of the society economy and feed industry .