AYTAV the specialized company with the industry of Poultry equipment and requirements is classified by its long experience along more than  quarter of century among the companies that accompany the changeable developments around the world in the field of poultry breeding equipment concepts which gained within a little period great achievements and success in the field of poultry equipment manufacturing , whereas the company developed its production in parallel with the principle of quality first and companion of latest matters in this field , we are proud of our brand which was strongly enforced through the execution of complete projects ( Turn key in Turkey and the whole region ) . The position of the company which is well-known in Turkey as the first company of manufacturing poultry cages of easy design which simplifies the process of putting many layers above each other and equipment of egg carrying and they made it brand as an important distinctive trademark in the field poultry equipment . AYTAV Co. after its spread and fame in Turkey and with its companion with DFMAK Group , it sustains its existence externally due our faith that expansion serves in the first rank the industry of Poultry equipment .